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Spring times; Good times

September marks the start of spring in Melbourne; the most livable city in the world for the sixth time in a row (or so says the Economist Intelligence Unit 😋). That said, a month and half into spring it is still 90% winter weather! But you caught me on a beautiful 21c° day, and it got me thinking of all the good times spring brings.

A little miracle, I say

What I love about spring is not just the sunny days. It’s  also the changes in nature; oak trees slowly leafing out; tulips, lavenders and wild flowers I don’t know the names of starting to bloom; the sun set taking longer… As corny as it sounds, to me it all feels like a little miracle. To be fair, people prone to catching hayfever in spring might contest me on this, but I’m entitled to an opinion right? 😊

Sun at the beach? The best! 

This time of the year, summer included, I consider myself lucky for living close to the beach (in a South Eastern suburb in Melbourne). I would hardly let a sunny day pass without heading down to the beach. And trust me you don’t know what your missing if you haven’t been to the beaches in the Mornington Peninsula, like Frankston, Port Sea and Cape Schanck to name a few. The amazing sunsets that turn the sky into a work of art, only makes it that much better.

Time for exploring 

All in all spring is a great time of the year to get out and explore places. Whether your love is for the wilderness, beaches, wineries, parks, carnivals, festivals or even the city. It really is my favorite favorite time of the year, even with Melbourne turning some spring days into plain winter! 😊

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1 thought on “Spring times; Good times”

  1. 👍👍 well said. For me it is a hot & cold, love & hate sort of a relationship with Spring. As much as I love to enjoy what Spring brings, I am already a victim of hay fever 🤒.

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