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Review: Gilmore Girls revival

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while, but thought it’s time to talk about the big Gilmore Girls revival; A Year in the Life. I have been and am a big fan of the show. My family and friends (somewhat grudgingly) bore witness to my binge watching of the show’s original 7 seasons in preparation for the revival 😀 Then I was literally counting down days to November 25 till A Year in the Life aired on Netflix. Here’s my personal take of it. Spoiler alert, as there may be lots of it!

  •  Original cast: It was pretty exciting seeing the original cast again, almost exactly a decade later. As a teenager I wanted to be a Lorelai (except for the pregnant at 16 part of course! 🙂 And there was the classic debate about which of Rory’s boyfriend to vouch for; team Dean vs Jess vs Logan (I think I was more a team Jess). So it was definitely great to see the original cast back in the revival.
  • Four seasons, four episodes: I liked the idea of the A Year in the Life theme, going with four episodes by season, covering literally an year in the lives of the Gilmores. I think the producers deserve a shout-out here for not trying to stretch out the story a tad too much.
  • Slow start to Winter: Episode 1 (Winter) was a bit of a slow mover as the characters were reintroduced and the setting was created. I’ll admit it to took some effort to get through it. So there may have been some potential to ‘spice’ things up a bit there.
  • The wedding: (I did say spoiler alert already:) It got me sighing in frustration when Lorelai decided to go on a ‘spiritual’ nature hike; as it seemed a lot like one of her frantic runs away from a relationship. So it was a relief to see Lorelai finally tieing the knot with Luke; about time right! 🙂
  • Team Logan vs team Jess: It was a bit of a ‘whoa’ to see Rory’s transatlantic affair with Logan in London. Seemed like her personality had taken quite a turn! I was touched that Jess was still secretly in love with Rory. Personally I’m still vouching for Jess but it felt like Logan might always have a part to play.
  • Gilmore Girls the book?: It was touching to have Rory realise her big writing breakthrough was a lot closer to her than she thought. Lorelai’s reaction to it came as a bit of a surprise, I must say. Either way, I might not be wrong to say there will be a Gilmore Girls book coming out at some point.
  • The cliffhanger ending!: And finally the end of it all…Rory leaving everyone in awe! Hence why I feel there may be more to the Rory-Logan story (wink wink). The suspense might well kill me waiting for the next revival season or the book or who knows what. At the same time, an everyday ‘happily ever after’ ending would not have done justice to the show. So I say bring it on Rory! 🙂



Image credit: Netflix

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