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Live everyday like it’s your last

bucketlistHi everyone,

Has been quite a while… Turns out, it takes a lot of time to get back to reality after Christmas holidays. 😋 But excited to be back! Happy (much belated) 2017!

Live everyday like it’s your last

We’ve probably all heard this and yet do we really grasp its meaning? What inspired this line of thought in me, is the drama Chasing Life that I came across in Netflix. For those of you who haven’t seen it (and I recommend you should), its an inspiring life story about a woman in her twenties battling cancer.

It struck me that sometimes we take our lives for granted, because we don’t quite realise that the clock is actually ticking. Some of us maybe blessed than others, in that we are not battling terminal illnesses, and yet all of our lives are in fact limited.

Would you regret today?

So as corny as it is, everyday is truly a blessing. A snapshot of my typical weekday would be; complaining about work; commuting to and from work; scrolling though social media; watching Netflix; and sleeping. Would I regret if that was my last day? In all honesty I would, a lot!

The Bucket List

I haven’t been one for bucket lists in the past. But I also haven’t been one for making the most of my time and potential. So I am making 2017 my year for officially starting a Bucket List. Not entirely sure if it makes the best read; but it is my personal blog; so here’s a peek into the things I aspire to achieve (in no particular order) before it’s too late.

  1. Travel to Paris and Europe (Paris has been my dream for so long)
  2. Spend more time with and on family
  3. Tell my parents I love them, more often
  4. Become a published writer
  5. Work at a job I would love to do everyday
  6. Be fit, healthy and look good (as a bonus!)
  7. Cherish my true friends
  8. Own my own Audi convertible (or whichever car my heart fancies at the time!)
  9. Waste less time on social media and tv (starting right now?! 😬)
  10. Have a kid (or two 😇) of my own
  11. Smile more often everyday (everyone has problems, not just me)

And that’s all for now…I’m not going to be conventional and try to end the list on a round number. But rest assured, I’ll be coming back to add on to it and hopefully cross some off, sooner than later.

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