Mom Life: Respect!

Hi everyone

What’s this?

Welcome to my new thread, Mom Life! I had the honour of becoming a mom on 8th October 2019. And this thread is all about sharing my experiences, face palm moments, fun times, mom-hacks etc as a new mom. So stay tuned for more ☺️

How it all began

I wanted to start off, well at the ‘start’! The arrival of my bundle of joy. I went into hospital with mixed emotions of excitement and nerves. I was nearly in tears of emotion and possibly hormones when I went into surgery. And then I met my little miracle! He grew inside of me and came out of me?! It all seemed unreal. He came out wailing and yet he was instantly quiet and calm as soon as I held him. Oh what a feeling 💜


Outside of the theatre is when reality hit. Learning to breastfeed (for us both), hold bubs, dress him, settle him, change nappies, put him to sleep and the epic not getting much sleep. Whoa! Full-on doesn’t even begin to describe what a learning curve (or straight-line, as hubby likes to say) it was. That’s when you truly realise, raising a little human is hard. It’s a lot of work and it’s not easy. Sure, you’ve heard your friends and family say it before. But it’s something you can probably never fully be prepared for.

I respect you

Having now experienced it first hand, I just want to say I have the utmost respect for you moms and dads out there. You are amazing for having the courage to do what you do everyday. Hats off to you!

And that’s a wrap for today, with more coming soon ☺️

© Jan Perera 2020

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