Mom Life: Google oh Google

Being a first time mom presents a lot of unknowns, and I mean a lot! I’m a nerd who likes my research and so I did a fair bit of reading during pregnancy in preparation, or so I thought.

When in doubt, ask Google? 🤔

But no amount of information proved to be enough in real life. And this meant spending a fair bit of time asking all kinds of questions from Google! 😋

Is it the smartest thing to do? Probably not. But it’s what I did and still do. Thankfully, there are lots of credible online sources of information on newborns, parenting, maternal health etc. that are quite useful.

As a new mom, I never had a lack of things to worry about. Maybe it’s me, but sometimes you just need to see something written down to give you piece of mind. And looking back, here are some ‘interesting’ things I’ve googled, sometimes at very odd times of night too (them night feeds🤷🏻‍♀️).

Here’s a question

  • When do babies start sleeping through the night (what?! i was curious, don’t judge me! 😂)
  • Is it ok for babies to hiccup
  • Do babies need oral care
  • When do babies start to smile
  • Can my newborn see and hear
  • How to lose the baby weight
  • Do babies feel mom’s emotions
  • Does coffee lead to a fussy baby
  • Why does baby cry more around mom (I was worried!)
  • Do babies dream
  • When to take baby swimming
  • Does breastfeeding help to lose weight
  • How to dress newborn baby
  • How to warm baby bottles

And the list goes on.

So yes, like I said, my relationship with Google went into a whole new level after I became a mom.


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