Mom Life: The Wonder Weeks (or Thunder Weeks?)

The Wonder Weeks (also called ‘leaps’). Oh, where to begin with this one. Like I said before, the first few weeks after coming home from hospital with bubs were a whirlwind. I was sleepwalking half the time, grumpy, anxious, the works.

Baby playing with a hanging toy. Credit: Vaccincebox

That said, I was also making some (I said ‘some’!) kind of progress in bonding with bubs, trying to interpret his cries and getting comfortable with most mom duties.

What is happening??!!!

Crying baby. Credit: Pixabay

And on came baby’s week 5. Oh. My. Lord. What was happening with bubs?!

  • He was crying
  • He was hungry
  • Some more crying
  • No, don’t put me down!
  • Angry crying
  • Hungry
  • Hungry again after feed
  • Crying when seeing mommy
  • I said, don’t put me down!
  • No, I don’t want to nap
  • Really angry crying
  • No naps today
  • Keep holding me!
  • Feed me mommy
  • And again

And on it went. For about 3 days straight. Mind you, I was lucky (so lucky!) I had my mom and sister in-laws around to help. If I didn’t, things would have gotten pretty ugly.

The adult side of the story

I can safely say, I have probably never been more frustrated in my life than in those 3 days. Ever had a newborn wailing, pretty loud, right in your ear, continually, for a long time? It really takes a toll on you, specially when you’re sleep deprived as it is.

Mom holding crying baby. Credit: Creazilla

So what exactly are these Wonder Weeks?

There are several credible sources that refer to Wonder Weeks (or leaps) as significant development milestones that babies go through. Turns out week 5 is when it all generally begins. They then return every so often until baby turns about 1.5 years. For example, research has found that at the first leap babies typically are learning to look at things more, hear things more, become aware of touch and smells and start to smile (aww).

The baby’s perspective

Sadly my newborn’s first ‘leap’ didn’t mean he started talking or I would’ve asked him. But I empathise now that if he was going through a big mental development, that can’t have been easy. Specially considering he only came into the world 5 weeks ago! It’s a lot of change for a little mister in a short period of time. 😬

Thankfully, his leaps thereafter hasn’t been as bad (touch wood, touch wood, touch wood!). But there’s plenty more to come so who knows!🤷🏻‍♀️ And that my friends, is a mom’s story on baby wonder weeks, which could potentially feel like thunder weeks 😋 (but it’s not very ‘adult-like’ to call it that, isn’t it).

© Jan Perera 2020

Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

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