Parenting, When in lockdown

Mom Life: COVID Version

Top 5 Lessons Learned

  • Exercise heals the mind as well as the body
  • Never take time with friends and family for granted
  • Treasure the little things in life…hugs and kisses, eating out, going on holiday
  • Trying out new recipes can be a calming experience
  • Wash your hands like there’s no tomorrow. And repeat!

Pre COVID. 2020 started off as an exciting and challenging year. I was on parental leave and trying to ‘wing it’ as a first time mom. I had my leave all planned out. Spend quality time with my baby boy. Time for myself with moms’ group, friends and family. Read a book. Go swimming.

Oh what a pandemic. On came March 2020. It seemed surreal to think that a pandemic comes along every 100 years or so and I am facing one in my lifetime. It overshadowed the last few months I had left to be a full time mom. Time with my baby that will never come again.

The struggle was real. Staying home day after day, with the same routine of looking after a baby, not being able to get out to meet friends/ family, toilet paper struggles etc. It took its toll on me some days.

Working mom life. Yet time flew and it was time to return to work, or rather continue staying home but start working. On came the working mom struggles. Dealing with the emotional impact of being separated from my baby for the first time in months. Managing work and making time for a baby. It sometimes feels like I’m working the full day on two different jobs.

Staying positive. Despite it all, I tried and still do try my very best to keep a positive mindset. To keep reminding myself that as all things in nature, COVID will have its time and its time will end, eventually. Until then I will breathe and take it one day at a time.

Stay safe everyone. Elbow bumps!

© Jan Perera 2020

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