Just for laughs

Just for laughs: for coffee snobs

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! Here’s a quick ‘Just for laughs’ for those of you who are coffee snobs! 🙂 (If you’re not in to coffee, perhaps I can interest you in one of my wellness posts)

I’m a coffee snob and proud of it! My go-to is a Mocha and I’m very picky about how it’s made – which is why I don’t grab one from just anywhere.

Are you a coffee snob? What’s your go-to coffee? Leave a reply to let me know.

Stay tuned for more on coffee!

Mug of coffee with white foam shaped in a smiley face. Text reads 'Just for laughs. How I feel when there is no coffee. Depresso! Janontheblog.com'
Depresso: how I feel when there is no coffee

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14 thoughts on “Just for laughs: for coffee snobs”

      1. Herbal teas are a nice change, but I have been spoilt by some lovely boutique loose leaf teas. For years, I missed drinking coffee but now it is okay, and the teas ensure the ritual associated with drinking tea or coffee are perpetuated.

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      2. That’s really nice. Those loose leaf teas sound exquisite. I can imagine how you missed the coffee – I’m not close to being ready to give it up ☺️

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      3. And you don’t have to give it up. I developed a sensitivity to caffeine so I decided to go to decaf and in the end, I stopped altogether. Tea still has a small percentage of caffeine but not usually enough to trigger a reaction. Thanks for the chat! Lovely to find your blog.

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