Blog Party Celebrating 100 Followers!

Thank you to each and every one of you!!!

Hi everyone, Happy Halloween! Today is an incredibly special day for me as Jan On The Blog reached 100+ followers. Thank you to each and every one of you!!! It’s not a big number but it means the world to me. As most of you know, I’m a working mom – which means I don’t have enough hours in a day. Despite that, I find great joy and comfort in blogging. Thank you for supporting me. Without you my writing has no meaning. Each and every one of your likes and comments mean the world to me – and I mean that sincerely. I look forward to staying connected with you for a long time to come.

Blog Party!

What better way to celebrate a blogging milestone than with a… Halloween themed Blog Party! No tricks, just treats by way of supporting fellow bloggers!

  1. Share a link: Add a comment with a link to a blog post and a short intro about the blog – it could be from your own blog or another one that your admire.
  1. Read a link: Please check out one or more of the links in comments, Like it if you think it’s good or better yet, leave a comment there.

Spread the word by reblogging this post, so we can all meet and support some new bloggers.

I’m excited to read all your posts 🙂

Please join in and support fellow bloggers!

74 thoughts on “Blog Party Celebrating 100 Followers!”

    1. Thanks and happy Halloween! Doing much for Halloween?
      If you have a minute to spare, please check out one of the post links in comments ☺️


      1. Thank you. And I’m having fun checking other posts. I wanted to ask that can I use ‘Blog party’ as a tag and write a post on it? So my readers can also share their blog’s links and it’d be more fun🙂. It’s up to you. Btw happy halloween.

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    1. Thanks hun and Happy Halloween! Thanks for joining the blog party!
      I’m gonna go read one of your posts now.
      Don’t forget to check out one of the other links in comments ☺️

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    1. Thanks for the lovely words Shelly 💜
      And for joining the party! 🎉
      For anyone looking for a new read – I’ve read this ‘lemony’ post and it’s brilliant! Well worth the time ☺️

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  1. Hello! This is a really great idea!!

    I’m Evin- a tween who loves rambling, reading, Blogging, gaming and lots more.
    I am an introvert irl and an extrovert in the blogosphere – I love making new friends! I run 2 blogs on my own, and I contribute to 2 other Collab blogs😊

    My main blog is called “A curly sue’s ramblings” (

    And my side blog is called “A wanderful life” (

    My Collab blog is “Out in the randomness” (

    And lastly, the all new Collab blog that was just started a week ago is “Living the Blogging Life” (

    My main blog is lifestyle, my side blog is a travel blog, the first Collab blog I mentioned is anything and everything and finally the last one is on Tips, tricks and advice on Blogging, designing etc.

    I hope you visit my blogs and follow! Looking forward to reading all of yours!! Have a nice day 😊
    ~Evin xx

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    1. Thanks for joining in! Looks like you’re quite passionate about blogging.
      Good on you! ☺️ Let me go have a look at your blogs.
      Don’t forget to check out one of the other links in comments.

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    1. Thanks for joining the party. That’s great! Keep at it. Even I’m pretty new to active blogging – but it’s been great fun ☺️
      I’m going to check out your blog now.


  2. Looks like blog parties around the blogosphere! Here goes!

    Hi, This is Smitha from Smithasbakelove. I love to bake healthy and yummy stuff for my family and often feature them on my blog. Cakes are my second love in baking category. Making simple but elegant cakes is what I try to achieve with my cake designs. If there is one item I could not stop eating, its Almond Biscotti! Check out the recipe on my blog.

    @Jan – Thank you so much for this party. Great way to celebrate your 100 followers milestone. Wishing you many more! (Reblogged)

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    1. Thanks for joining the party Smitha!
      Almond biscotti! Yum! I love everything almond. Definitely going to check out your recipe.
      I often substitute all/ some of flour in cakes with almond meal. The cakes come out super soft and delicious! I’m not an expert baker like you though ☺️


    1. Thanks for joining the party! Leave a little intro for your blog and check out some of the other links in comments too.
      I’m gonna go check out your blog now 💜


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