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3 WordPress Features that are not-so-sneaky, yet super-handy

This is a follow-up to my post 7 sneaky WordPress tips to make your blog-life easier. Why? Because I wanted to share 3 WordPress features (on Block Editor) that aren’t too sneaky but are really handy each time you blog. If you are all over these tips, maybe this post would be of interest to you instead: 9 Effective Steps for Writing with Impact.

1. Schedule and forget

This little feature is such a treat! As a working mom, I have very limited for blogging. Which means I have to be 2 steps (or more!) ahead to achieve even the faintest form a editorial calendar. Thanks to WordPress’ scheduling option, you can write posts as inspiration hits or when you can manage the time, and schedule them to be published at a later date, based on your editorial calendar. Read more about how to schedule posts here.

Planners marked July and August with several notes of events/ activities on them. They are placed on a white surface strewn with paper clips, pens, a notepad,  and laptop.

2. Socialise posts with one click

Social media is a great tool to promote and socialise a blog. The Jetpack plugin that comes with WordPress gives you the option to automatically share posts on social media (like Facebook and Twitter), at the same time as they are published. This is a big time saver because you don’t need to manually share the post on different social media platforms. It doesn’t however support sharing on Instagram – but something is better than nothing! Learn more about how publicising works here.

3. Write with less distractions

You need quality time to create quality content. That means minimising any distractions as much as possible so that your thoughts can flow naturally and peacefully into writing. WordPress’ full screen mode takes off the extra toolbars and menus that you don’t need when you’re writing. It’s a simple thing but helps me write efficiently with minimum distraction. Give it a go – trust me, it makes a difference. Read more about the full screen mode here.

WordPress snapshot showing the Fullscreen mode on block editor
Fullscreen mode – WordPress snapshot

Do you use these features when you blog?

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14 thoughts on “3 WordPress Features that are not-so-sneaky, yet super-handy”

  1. Another great post! I use the scheduling feature. So nice to be able to write a post, schedule it for a particular day and time, and then just forget about it.. until it goes live anyway.

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