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5 reasons why Harry Potter is a great read

I solemnly swear I am…a Harry Potter fan

I have read a countless number of books to date, but I am still a huge fan of J K Rowling’s Harry Potter books. And I admit it with my head held high 🙂 If memory serves right, I started reading Harry Potter when I was 13 years old. I recall that I didn’t find the first few pages extremely captivating and had to make an effort to keep going. But it was all worth it. Here are my top 5 reasons for loving the Harry Potter books.

Gryffindor scarf and round spectacles
Gryffindor scarf and round spectacles. Photo by Vinu00edcius Vieira ft on

1) Three-cheers for the plot:

Extremely well laid-out and captivating plot throughout the entire series of books, linking the first book to the very last. Want an example? Dumbledore doesn’t reveal what he sees in the Mirror in Erised in book one. We find the answer only in the very last book as Harry uncovers it for himself.

2) Unsuspected hero:

I do not think the majority of us expected (spoiler alert!) Snape to end up becoming an ultimate hero of the story. I can personally vouch for all my friends that we all absolutely hated Snape throughout the story. So the sudden revelation of him been the ‘good guy’ was a real twist that we did not see coming.

3) Next best thing to Disney World:

Standing ovation for J K Rowling for her imagination in creating an entire world of magic in the heart of London. The great detail she has gone in to makes it very unique and very real. What do I mean? Think of Diagon alley, Platform 9 3/4 , Dobby, Quidditch, Horcruxes and the list goes on.

Hogwarts castle
Hogwarts. Photo by Ralp on

4) Loved the old man:

I don’t know about you but I, like Harry, was “Dumbledore’s man through and through”. Yes, I admit he had his secrets, lots of it. But I really fancied the relationship that Dumbledore had with Harry, like a mentor in life. I loved the fact that Dumbledore tried to guide Harry but also had a lot of trust and faith in him. (Spoiler alert!) And I truly was heartbroken when he died.

5) Cannot stop reading:

I must now have read the entire series many times over. But even if I start re-reading it today I would not be able to stop reading. For me, the books never fail to stop been gripping and absolute page turners. I just love them!

And these are the top reasons why I to date am a huge fan of the Harry Potter books. I remember reading them everywhere possible as a teenager including at lunch, in the loo, in the car, on the bus, on holiday; you name it. And those are memories I treasure for life.

Why do you love Harry Potter?

For more on Harry Potter, check out what I thought of the latest addition to the series Cursed Child.

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37 thoughts on “5 reasons why Harry Potter is a great read”

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  2. i rather dont like dumbledore and well even though snape was apparently the good guy ,i think it doesnt excuse him for torturing harry by continusely insulting his father and being an asshole teacher to everyone ,i mean he was their biggest nightmare but i do agree that harry potter is a must read and i guess you will miss out a whole world f you skip it

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  3. Excellent!! I agree with all points. I definitely did not see that about Snape & was totally surprised. I always assumed he was the ‘bad guy ‘ lol
    I love Harry Potter because it was easy to read and so enjoyable. I was in 7th grade, or 12 years old when started reading the series. I actually read Chamber of Secrets first not knowing that it was the second book lol! but I enjoyed it so much that I went and got the first one and the read that and loved it.

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    1. Snape is so well written you just have to despise him isn’t it?! 😂 Him being the hero and Dumbledore dying was so unexpected for me.
      Oh lol chamber of secrets first. That’s not a bad start at all. I really struggled to get through the first few pages of philosophers stone – several times! But so glad I did.
      What Hogwarts house are you partial to? I’m all for Gryffindor – which you could probably tell by the image in the post 😋

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      1. Lol no absolutely not. It definitely helped that Rowling recapped what happened in the first book. If anything it made me want to read the first book more.
        I was in absolute tears when Dumbledore died. I knew it was going to happen since Rowling hinted several times in Half Blood Prince abut Dumbledore getting old and feeble but didn’t expect it to. And then to watch Snape kill him and Malfoy disarm him it was just awful.. but later we see the significance of those two events. I was surprised that so many people on the internet seemed to guess that Snape was killing out of mercy / a prior promise.
        I’m partial to Gryffindor mainly because that is the one that we are familiar with since our three main characters are from that House. But personally if I went to Hogwarts I would want to be in Ravenclaw… but afraid that I would be too much of a Hufflepuff lol 🙂

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      2. That whole plot around Dumbledore was just fictional perfection – despite the heartbreak. People guessed about Snape?! I don’t know how! 😱
        Also, here’s one thing I don’t understand. Why does Dumbledore see a pair of socks in the mirror of erised? It’s baffled me all this time!

        Ravenclaw will work for a smart cookie like you ☺️
        I’m super excited to one day get my son into Harry Potter! That would be mommy goals! 😍


      3. About the socks…he was lying! JK Rowling has since said that he would have seen the same as Harry, all the family he had lost especially his sister. However since she stated that we see Dumbledore looking into the mirror in Fantastic Beast and he sees himself young and in love with Grindelwald.

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      1. 🙂 Your interests are in line with my son who also loves Half blood prince. I like the prisoner of Azkaban one!.
        Btw, my kid’s birthday is also on Jul 31 which is Harry Potter’s in the book. He is soooo into Harry Potter obviously 🙂

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      2. Haha prisoner of Azkaban was pretty good too actually. And how amazing that you get to share your love for Harry Potter with your son. That’s mommy goals for me! 😍
        Omg burn on July 31st! Did you somehow plan that lol. That’s just awesome. My birthday is on July 29 so I comfort myself that it’s nearly there🤷🏻‍♀️😂


      3. 🙂 Get out of here. His expected date was Jul 29. I was gardening outside with full belly. He is late by 2 days. He is my first kid, usually expected early but this guys stayed 2 extra days and came on Jul 31. No planning there….just too much waiting. Ofcourse garden got much love …lol

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      4. Hahaha oh wow! I can already tell he’s destined for great things 😂
        And gardening with a full belly – aren’t you quite the heroine ☺️ Towards the end of pregnancy I was like get this baby outta me 😬🤷🏻‍♀️😂


  4. Harry Potter is also one of my childhood favourites! It was such a lovely world to escape into and made me feel like I could work magic too! Looking back, my fondest memory is of the mix of different personalities and how they worked so well together. During the actually time I was reading the books, I was more intrigued with how a whole world existed without us muggles knowing 😅

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    1. Of course. No wonder we are blog besties lol. It really is fascinating how all of it feels so real isn’t it?!
      Hahaha yup I’ve done my fair share of Leviosas and Alohomoras 😀
      I would looooovee to visit one of the Harry Potter theme parks – would be beyond cool!
      What was your favourite book? Mine was probably Half Blood Prince – there was so much going on that it was intense and I couldn’t get enough.


    1. Haha agreed! I would diieeee for a chance to visit one of the Harry Potter theme parks or Hogwarts! The feasts really were quite the something isn’t it?!
      What Hogwarts house would you consider yourself in? I’m a Gryffindor all the way 🙂


    1. Omg you went to wizarding world???!!!! Ohh I’m so jelly! 😬😂
      I’m so annoyed we don’t have one in Australia or in a country close to us 😭
      I’ve been to hobbiton though and it was mesmerising. You a fan of Lord of the rings?

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      1. Oh sorry you’ve never been there? I went to the one at Universal Studios Hollywood. I’m sorry they don’t have a Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Australia; you’d love it! There’s a land based off the Lord of the Rings? I did not know that. I’m not a fan, but I have a couple of friends that are fans.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yup hobbiton is where the hobbits from lord of the rings live (fictionally). It was pretty cool to going there – well as a fan of the series anyway ☺️

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      1. Thanks. I did give 1 or two audio books a go – not Harry Potter. Can’t seem get on board with them. Think it’s just paper and e books for me 😋🤷🏻‍♀️

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