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Just for Laughs: WordPress Features I wish there was

Blogging made easy – that’s what every blogger wants. That’s why in my posts 7 sneaky WordPress tips to make your blog-life easier and 3 WordPress features that are not-so-sneaky, yet super handy I talk about WordPress tips to help you blog smarter. As a follow-up to them, here are 4 WordPress features I wish there was – just for fun! If that’s not for you, maybe this post would be of interest to you instead: 9 Effective Steps for Writing with Impact.

A notepad with 'Wish list' written on it along with '1,2 and 3'. It's set on a wooden table next to a pen and mug of coffee
A wish list

Read out loud for me?

When it comes to editing what I initially drafted, reading out loud helps me so much! That helps me look away from the screen, close my eyes and really focus on the content to see if it sounds good and makes sense. How good would it be to have an in-built read-out-loud feature on WordPress?!

Automatically add alternative text – please!

Who loves writing alt text for images? If you do, I envy you because I find it torturous! I have to sit and stare an image and wrack my brain as to how to explain it. Sometimes it’s much harder to do than writing the post itself! That’s why I’d love it if there was a little WordPress bot that could sort out the alt text for me – please!!

In-built graphic design tool

No blog post is complete without some cool graphics to complement it. This leaves us bloggers using various tools or software to design and create images or graphics. How awesome would it be to have a graphic design tool – the likes of Canva or Snappa – right within WordPress?! We could be writing complete blog posts without ever having to leave WordPress.

Photo of a computer screen of someone designing a graphic, while sitting at a work desk - with a keyboard, mouse, sticky notes, etc.
Graphic design

Ping-backs for page links

I don’t know about you, but I would love to get notified when another blogger links to my blog. There’s a reason they are, and I’d like the opportunity to respond. WordPress does give ping-back notifications when someone links to a post from your blog – which is great. But why not for when the blog itself (e.g. janontheblog.com) or a page is linked? If there were ping-backs for these, I’d actually be able to say thank you when someone nominates me for something or says ‘check out Jan On The Blog because it’s cool’.

A GIF of an animated dandelion with its petals being blown away. Text reads “make a wish. 3...2...1... blow!”
Make a wish

Those are 4 WordPress features I badly wish there was – almost each time I blog. And now we wait (who remember Hermione saying that? 😋) – hoping that WordPress would actually release one of them!

What WordPress features do you wish there was? Any of the above calling your name?

I love hearing your views and thoughts! That’s what keeps me blogging. Leave me a comment below.

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28 thoughts on “Just for Laughs: WordPress Features I wish there was”

  1. I got a chuckle out of the thought of having canva within wordpress itself. It would be a lot easier to upload images lol!
    Yeah that pingback issue is tricky.. I just link the blogger’s post and never the blog lol 🙂
    Crafting alt text is something I need to learn more about. I just use the title of the blog post…

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Haha I know right – we could really use a graphic design tool within WordPress.
      Yup, linking a post is the smart thing to do – learnt that the hard way lol.
      I really struggle with alt text – it’s so cumbersome to do. Don’t really know how or why, but I’ve heard it’s a must do for the SEO quality of a website.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’d make sense. Also something about helping algorithms understand what the image is about I think..apparently they can’t ‘see’ images 🤷🏻‍♀️

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hmmmm this is a depressing post because now that I think of it, it really would be nice to have a voice read out my posts to me and edit them at the same time 😭😭😭 maybe you could create a plug-in that does that? 🤡


    1. Yikes! It wasn’t meant to be depressing 😬😂 I really wish I was a plug-in genius but sadly not! 😅😂
      Let’s hope the that WordPress hears us and go ‘your wish is my command’ 🤞🏽😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha nah that was just me clowning around. You never know what you’re missing until someone points it out 🙈 so I recently upgraded to the business plan and have been blown away… it’s insane! You’d be surprised what they’ve been hiding from us 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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