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What not-to-do when making New Year resolutions for 2021 (Collab post)

With 2021 approaching fast, I teamed up with Niraj (from Niraj’s Blogs) to share our top tips for getting New Year resolutions right. Hope you find our posts useful to come up New Year resolutions that stick in 2021.

What not-to-do when making New Year resolutions for 2021

It’s December, which means it’s almost an end to the current year and the start of a new year. For a lot of us, 2020 is a year we want to wipe out of our memory. You might be thinking about new year’s resolutions that you want to set for 2021, and there are things that you should and should not do when setting new year’s resolutions! Jan will talk about some things you should do when setting new year’s resolutions on my blog, where I will talk about 3 things you should not do when setting new year’s resolutions here.

Don’t make them just for the sake of making them

You get a lot of instances where people break their new year’s resolutions or forget about them within the first 2 weeks of the new year. There are several reasons why this is the case, but one of the main ones in my opinion is that the new year’s resolutions set were set more for the sake of it, rather than there being a serious motivation and reason behind it. It can often feel that there is some sort of tradition behind setting new year’s resolutions, but it is important to ask yourself what is the reason behind setting any new year’s resolutions that you have in mind. One good reason for setting a new year’s resolution is because it links closely to a goal you have set yourself, and this is just one of many good reasons. However, if you are setting new year’s resolutions because all your friends are doing it, or because it is a family tradition, then you are doing it for the wrong reasons, and that will show 3 months down the line.    

Don’t put quantity above quality

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Consider a hypothetical situation, which involves Person A and Person B. Person A has decided to only set 3 new year’s resolutions, but has ensured that each of them has been clearly defined, well thought out and ones that will certainly help improve their life. Person B has set 12 new year’s resolutions, but not much thought has been put into any of them. Come the end of year, and Person A has fulfilled all 3 of their new year’s resolutions, whereas Person B has only fulfilled 1 of their new year’s resolutions, failed to fulfil 4 of them and forgot the other 7 by the start of February. It is clear who is in the better position come the end of the year. This just shows that when it comes to setting new year’s resolutions, more is not necessarily better, and that you should focus more on quality. You are much more likely to remember a few new year’s resolutions that are well thought out rather than lots of resolutions that are not well thought out.

Don’t make new year’s resolutions that you aren’t ready to commit to

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The most common new year’s resolutions that I have heard are “I want to exercise more”, “I want to spend more time with family” and “I want to live more in the moment”. Ironically enough, these are all new year’s resolutions that fail most of the time, and one of the reasons is because in the vast majority of cases, the commitment is not truly there to make the resolution a reality. Often resolutions made in the spur of the moment are not ones that you’re really ready to commit to, and hence are not ones that get fulfilled. New year’s resolutions can be seen as goals, and any goal requires a certain level of commitment in order for it to be met. Whenever you set a new year’s resolution, ask yourself the question “Am I truly and fully committed to make this resolution a reality”. If the answer is no, or if you are hesitating when answering the question, then that is not a new year’s resolution that you should set.

What else would you add to this list?

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16 thoughts on “What not-to-do when making New Year resolutions for 2021 (Collab post)”

  1. “Only about 35% of individuals stay faithful to their New Year’s Resoluton
    65% New Year’s Resolutons are akin to piecrust>(made to be broken)<!"

    _-Van Prince
    *Priceless New Year's Resolution Post*

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  2. You are right —a lot of my new year resolutions are made in the spur of the movement. This year I thinking to slow down and plan according to what will make my new better.

    Love this post Niraj! Great collab you guys✨ x

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