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Simple steps to create a vision board

The New Year is almost here! It’s time to bid farewell to 2019 (gladly, I know) and look forward to a New Year of good health and happiness. If you haven’t already, now’s a great time to think about what you want to achieve in 2021 – whether it’s New Year resolutions or your long term goals. As soon as I think about goals, I think of my vision board. It’s a visual representation of my goals for the next 3-5 years. I’m a great believer of the law of attraction and the vision board is my secret weapon to realising goals. Keep reading to find out why you should create a vision board and how to do it in a few simple steps.

A vision board or a collage of various images
Vision board. Credit: Cornelis Boertjens via Wikimedia Commons

Why create a vision board?

I first learned about vision boards thanks to ‘The Secret’ documentary DVD, produced by Rhonda Byrne and Paul Harrington (currently on Netflix Australia). I am a great believer of it because I ended up achieving each and every goal on my first vision board, over the ten years that followed.

Visualise goals

Us humans are visual creatures and that applies to goals as well. Vision boards work because they help us visualise our goals. Visualising is about really focusing on the end result of your goals in your mind. You want to buy your own house but what does it look like? If it’s on your vision board, your brain knows which image to focus on when you think about your first house.

Constant reminder

The other key part to realising goals is to constantly remind yourself of it – particularly what your life will be like after achieving them. That will motivate you even more to work towards them. Your vision board makes this easy as it will be a constant reminder of your goals, each time you look at it. The more you think about your goals, the more likely you are to act towards them.

Simple steps to create your vision board

Creative a vision board is super simple – it’s definitely not rocket science. It’s a visual tool to help you get where you want to be in life. Be authentic and create it in a way that will appeal to you. Here are a few simple steps to get you started.

1. Plan out your goals

There can be no vision board without a vision. That’s like trying to get somewhere without knowing where you are headed. Therefore, before you get cracking on your vision board, take some time to plan out your goals – they maybe short term resolutions for the New Year or things you want to achieve in the long term. Whatever they are, plan them out and get them down into a list.

2. Get a craft board or virtual board

Then comes the fun part. Now the way I see it, there are two ways to create a vision board – go paper based or digital. One is no better than the other so it’s really down to your personal preference. The first time I created one (about a decade ago), I did it on a physical craft board. But I went digital with the last one I created a few months ago. Do what works for you.

A collage of various images and captions that's titled '2021 vision board'
Vision board template on Canva

3. Find images of your goals

Then you just need to find some really good images that reflect your goals. Spend a bit of time with this, because they are going to be the face of your goals – literally. And you’re going to be spending a lot of time looking at them. So choose wisely. It’s important that you do it personally – in case you were thinking of delegating :). Those images need to speak to you in some way about your goals.

4. Get creative with the layout

You don’t need to be artistic to create a vision board. It doesn’t need to be prefect or so unique to win you an award. It just needs to be personal. You could search the internet for some inspiration if you like or customise an online template. The idea is to showcase the images you collected in a eye-catchy layout.

A vision board or a collage of various images
Vision board. Credit: Persnickety Prints

5. Put it up where you’ll see it everyday

Just creating a vision board isn’t enough. The trick is to use it everyday to visualise and day-dream about your goals. That’s why the last step is to put up your vision board somewhere so that you can easily look at it everyday. A personal space is best in my opinion because it’s for you after all, not you’re guests or housemates. I have it up next to my bed so that I can glance at it before I go to bed, when I wake up in the morning (if I haven’t missed the alarm or have to run after my toddler) or when I’m just relaxing on my bedroom chair.

I love a good vision board because it has helped me achieve my goals. It works because it helps you visualise your goals and constantly reminds you what you’re striving to achieve. When those images are always in your mind, it will drive you to take the steps to attract them in your life. The great part is that it’s wicked easy to create a vision board if you know what your goals are. Simply put, select images that to you can be the face of your goals. Then lay them out on a board, either on paper or digitally. Finally put it up somewhere that will make it easy for you to use it everyday. I hope this post inspires you to have a stab at creating a vision board because trust me it can be your secret weapon to realise your goals. Jan On The Blog wishes you an amazing New Year and hope you smash through your goals for the year!

What helps you visualise your goals? Have you ever heard of or used a vision board?

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15 thoughts on “Simple steps to create a vision board”

  1. I kinda need to make one of these 😊 but I’m treading carefully as we step into another year. It was too easy to be trapped by 2020’s surprises, so this time I’ll make a vision board of things I love not things I want to do 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a great idea too! I don’t blame you for wanting to tread carefully after what 2020 put us through. Vision boards help me be positive – and remind me that the struggles are worth it to get to where I want to go.
      Wish you an amazing new year Shelly!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love how you stated that the board can be digital or a physical board. I have never created a board, I believe mostly because I wasn’t used to writing my goals down. However, I am planning to create one this year. I was actually going to participate in a virtual vision board party last weekend and I fell ill, so I had to miss out. I will take the time to make one soon. Great tips, thanks for sharing!


    1. That’s great to hear! Definitely give it a go – so worth it 🙂 Digital is the way to go for most of us these days, and personally I don’t think I’d go back to paper-based. Hopefully you have fun making one. Do let me know how you go. Thanks for reading and so glad this was helpful!

      Liked by 1 person

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