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Dating Around the World – Sri Lankan Edition

Guest post for Growing With Spawn

While Melbourne is where I now call home, Sri Lanka is my motherland. That’s why this post is about the dating landscape in Sri Lanka – or rather my take on it. I was thrilled to write this guest post for Growing With Spawn – thanks Shelly for inviting me!

  • What’s an acceptable age to start dating?
  • What is dating in Sri Lanka like?
  • How soon is too soon to meet the parents?
  • What’s it like dating between races and social classes?
  • When you go out, who gets the bill?
  • What’s one thing I wish was different?

Continue reading on Growing With Spawn to find out how I answered these questions about dating in Sri Lanka.

What’s your experience with dating been like?

10 thoughts on “Dating Around the World – Sri Lankan Edition”

  1. Dating should begin after eighteen years of age and mostly during college and at anytime males and females are mature enough to handle dating. Usually those who date are attractive to each other and blind dates are out and internet dating is usually a negative for safety reasons and when males and females haven’t left the nest, home of course then before they date they must have theapproval of their parentspoint blank. So many scams manifest from social media dating; meaning lonely women and men fall in love with others they don’t know under the spell of love letters and phone lovemaking and end up losing thousands of dollars to scammers. They have many dating sites and dating has just as many negatives as positives and people must use mature judgment in the dating process!

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